Concierge Medicine

Our Concierge Medicine vs. Today’s Typical Medical Practice

In today’s typical medical practice a face to face encounter with a physician is usually limited to a 10 minute appointment scheduled several days out after the need arrives. Patient’s needs dictate time be dedicated to solving all the complex medical issues which are often interrelated rather than short rushed visits. It is in the best interest of patients that their primary care physician care for them in all settings such as office, hospital, rehab, urgent or routine care; unfortunately this model of care is not available in this current medical environment.

In sharp contrast, Dr. Leela Bolla provides excellent continuum of care in complex evolving care scenarios through her concierge medical practice. She is available 24-7 in person or over the phone to her patients. Serving both Naples, FL and Marco Island, Dr. Bolla actively practices in all four local hospitals (NCH, NNH, PRMC-PR, and PRMC-CB) and three local rehab facilities (The Chateau at Moorings Park, Bentley, and Imperial Healthcare). Dr. Bolla is a triple board-certified physician in geriatrics, internal medicine, and hospice & palliative medicine and trained at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. With Dr. Bolla’s concierge medical practice, you get the combination of old school physician-patient relationship in a complex modern medical setting.

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