Demetri Georgiadis, Chicago IL

C.K. Arnold

What more can be said about one of the most kind, caring, compassionate physician’s we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing? Dr. Leela R. Bolla, M.D. has cared for my 89 year old mother for the past few years, and I will say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is one of the finest, if not the finest, Geriatric Specialty physician’s in the country. Her office runs like a fine oiled machine. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and extremely intelligent

My mother resides in Naples, Florida, and my siblings, and myself, in various states throughout the country. Our family required a commitment from a physician that was able to be at my Mother’s side at a moment’s notice. Not only did Dr. Bolla provide expert medical care, but gave our family the constant reassurance that our mother was receiving prompt, exemplary medical attention at all times. Dr. Bolla and her staff are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

When my mother required a hospital stay, and was less than pleased with her “dining experience” at the hospital, Dr. Bolla made my mother her favorite “comfort” meal, and brought it to her in her hospital room!! I think this act of kindness, going well beyond the call of duty, says it all!! Dr. Bolla is an outstanding physician, and my mother, and siblings, consider her a friend. We love you Dr. Bolla.

Sally Berk

June 14, 2013: Michael had a cerebral hemorrhagic stroke. This is at the balance area of the brain. After surgery, stays in many hospitals and rehab centers, home, several seizures, back to the hospital and finally a skilled nursing center, we were ready to return to Florida. Mike was on a PEG tube, not swallowing, not eating, barely talking with clarity and not walking. On December 3, 2013, we flew with a caregiver to Florida and went directly to a skilled nursing center near our home.

Mike worked hard in therapy and was making slow, steady progress, but he had to return to the hospital 3 additional times due to continued "seizures". In February, the neurologist told me to put Mike in hospice. I was beside myself because I didn’t think he was dying and decided I needed more help. This is when I realized that I needed a medical doctor to manage all of Mike’s multiple health needs.

I asked one of our sons to please call doctors and let me know his thoughts. He called me back and said, “Mom, call Dr. Bolla. She answered my call and my questions. She would be happy to talk with you.”

I called Dr. Bolla that same morning. I met her at the hospital about 3:45 PM that afternoon. After discussing Mike’s case, she followed me into Mike’s hospital room. She then spent five hours observing and talking to him. At this point his progress had regressed to when he originally had the stroke 8 months earlier. Dr. Bolla returned early the next morning to observe and speak to Mike again for many hours. She said she likes to think “outside the box”. On February 14th, Dr. Bolla told me that she thought he may have myasthenia gravis and that she felt he could recover. That day, she began treating him and within one day he was released to home and has been home ever since.

It is now six months later. Mike is eating (almost everything). Mike has gone out to eat in restaurants and friends come to our home for dinners, to play games and even a few hands of bridge. Mike is walking with a small amount of help. He is determined to continue working hard so he can walk on his own.

Dr. Bolla now sees Mike in her office and continues to monitor his progress. She has sent us to several specialists trying to improve his quality of life.

We are very thankful to Dr. Bolla, our CNA and the many therapists that have worked and supported Mike. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Dr. Bolla. She has supported both Mike and me. She has managed both his medical needs and his progress. She has given us the gift of hope for a long and bright future together. Mike strives to improve every day and we are looking forward to our dinner and dance on February 14, 2015.

Emil G. Hirsch, Naples FL

My wife, Minnie, and I became patients of Dr. Bolla in early November 2008 and I am still her patient today.

My wife was acutely ill and Dr. Bolla immediately hospitalized her. She personally met us at the emergency room and supervised her admittance. She supervised my wife’s hospital stays by seeing her every day and approving all orders of consulting physicians including my wife's stays in the Intensive Care Units and later in the Rehabilitation Units.

Her diagnostic ability is phenomenal and she is able to deal with multiple medical issues as well as the normal daily living issues of older patients.

My wife passed away in April 2009 but I will always be grateful to Dr. Bolla for the compassionate way she handled her complex illness and her friendship.

Ed Mazzetta, Naples FL

Having Dr. Bolla as my wife's physician has significantly improved her care, extended her life, and provided myself and my family enormous relief. Coupled to her experience, skill, and caring, the key has been accessibility.

Prior to Dr. Bolla, it was like a relationship with Dr. "Wait". Wait for an appointment, wait at the appointment...wait, wait, wait! Our concierge relationship assures 24-7 access, and same day appointments when necessary.

No previous physician diagnosed my wife correctly. Her health was in a state of spiraling decline. Today, because of the persistence and attention of Dr. Bolla, my wife (a dementia patient) lives a calm and peaceful life and is consistently monitored and cared for. Accessible, caring and capable are Dr. Bolla's unmatched attributes.

Jeffrey E. Fabacher, M.D., Naples FL